JAS Mediation Services

How It Works

A trained Mediator assists you and your partner (or former partner), to discuss and resolve any issues connected with separation or divorce.  These may include:

  • Care of and contact with children
  • Financial support
  • Housing
  • Property

Mediators do not take sides or make the decisions for you.  They help you gather all the relevant information, to consider the options open to you and to agree on mutually acceptable solutions.

Mediation is designed to ease the process of separation or divorce.  It is not a marriage guidance service.  If you and your partner wish to consider the possibility of staying together, or if you would like personal counselling we can provide you with details of relevant counselling services.

Who are the Mediators?

Our Mediators are highly qualified, experienced lawyers or professionals who specialise in family work and have also been trained in mediation.  During meetings they make sure that certain ground rules are respected, thus allowing discussions to be as balanced and productive as possible.  In some cases there will be two mediators.

Do we still need Solicitors?

Mediators do not give legal advice.  For your own protection it is recommended that you consult solicitors over the terms of any proposed settlement.  However, mediation reduces the time and costs of going to two separate solicitors and asking them to negotiate a settlement on your behalf.  It is much less costly and upsetting than fighting in court.

For more information contact John Stebbing, Mediator on 01323 434415
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